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Calculation of Import Duties

Payment of import duties, 7% surcharge, 1% administrative charge, 0.5% ECOWAS Trade Liberalisation Scheme(ETLS), and 5% VAT are to be made through one of the banks designated by the Federal Government for the Customs Area of Importation. This can be done by bank draft or by bank transfer.

Example with 20% import duty:

- FOB value 1000
- Freight 40
- CIF 1040
Import duty – 5% on CIF
7% surcharge on duty
0.5% TLS levy on CIF value
1% CISS fee on FOB
2% NAC levy on CIF (Applicable to vehicles)
5% VAT on all above + CIF
Total Payable to Customs

Banks to pay Import Duty

To enhance the monitoring of the import duty scheme, Shipping lines and Airlines are requested by law to always state the Form M and CRI Number for each consignment on the ship’s/aircraft’s manifest and on the bill lading or airway bill for all import shipment to Nigeria before such manifest are submitted to the Nigeria Customs Service Department.