Sea Freight

sea freight

Merciful International Ltd. is a licensed Ocean Transportation Intermediary.

Merciful International Ltd. offers intelligent logistics solutions for intercontinental sea freight. Strict criteria for selecting ocean freight carriers ensure a consistently high level of quality for all of our services worldwide. Due to our close relationships and large contracts with ocean carriers, we can offer our customers most competitive pricing and space availability on all key ocean routes across the globe.

Our personnel is highly experienced in ocean freight transportation, including specialized services such as out of gauge cargo, temperature controlled cargo, special container requirements such as flat rack or open top equipment, hazardous material, etc.

Our portfolio of services includes:

  • Consolidation freight services (LCL)
  • Container freight services (FCL)
  • Seller’s or buyer’s consolidation services
  • Break bulk shipments for oversize and overweight cargo
  • Vessel charters
  • Projects management (i.e. complete plant relocations)
  • Customized ocean freight solutions
  • Transport Consulting Services
  • Internet visibility of shipment data and documents
  • Drop shipments worldwide

image of internattional freight care

When it comes to sea freight, there are many interesting aspects that contribute to the overall route of the trip. From the different ports of call, interesting shipping rules of the sea and of course the routes they take. There are a few key sea freight shipping canals that shape the world of freight and shipping as we know it; imagine a world where imports and exports took months longer than they currently do. Foreign aid, oil and other key industries would be hampered incredibly by ineffective slow turnover. Let’s look at the key sea freight transport canals that, in some cases, half shipping duration in half.



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